Maritime turn key solution

Maritime turn key solution

SINAY develops data solutions for the maritime ecosystem. SINAY aims to provide complete and dedicated solutions for global seabed sector, fish industries, MRE projects, ports, and Oil & Gas industries.


  • Analyses and risk assessment for seabed cables with precise localization.
  • Studies for underwater cables projects

Marine Renewable Energies

  • Real time impacts analysis
  • Environmental impact management
  • Studies and reports for MRE projects

Oil & Gas

  • Activities maximization
  • Dashboards key indicators
  • Parameters management to increase productivity


  • Fisheries optimization
  • Fishing areas
  • Fishing roads
  • Discards


  • Smart Ports
  • Real time operations monitoring
  • Environmental regulation compliance
  • Obtention of port extension permit
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Use cases

Thanks to its maritime expertise, SINAY covers a wide range of use cases, such as:

  • Submarine acoustics
  • Risk Assessment
  • Business Intelligence
  • Environmental Impact and monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Management of operating ships
Use cases


We develop dedicated solutions according to your company size and your user profiles. SINAY platform is completely adaptive, depending on your constraints and production needs. Therefore, we customize your Big Data platform to be sure that it will fully integrate your current activity.

Our solution is dedicated to the IT environment, Operations, Business Development, and Risk Management profiles.

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