SINAY Company : the development of SINAY

Who are we?

With 10 years experience in the marine environment, fisheries, underwater acoustics, and Big Data, SINAY offers tailored solutions to meet the needs of maritime professionals.

SINAY has developed the first Big Data solution applied to maritime industries and the study of the marine environment. Services offered include the acquisition of marine data, analysing the impacts and risks, as well as a 'turnkey' platform, and a web interface to easily assess your performance indicators.

SINAY's key milestones

2008 => SINAY is created by Yanis SOUAMI

2012 => Creation of the Innovation Division and first steps are taken in data expertise

2014 => Offices are opened in Lorient

2015 => Development begins on the Big Data platform

2016 => Offices are opened in Brest

2017 => Yanis SOUAMI is elected Vice-President of the Maritime Services Division of Normandy Maritime for the Normandy Region

2016-2018 => Label received for the R&D project for developing the Big Data platform dedicated to the maritime sector (AIMS) by the Brittany Atlantic Maritime Cluster, financed by the SME Initiative of the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), and Europe "SME Instrument Phase 1" (Horizon 2020/EASME) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) (Normandy Region)

2018 => Offices are opened in Nice Sophia Antipolis

Our strategic vision:

Mission: Supporting maritime players as they make their digital transition

Vision: Ensure our position as one of the leading international environmental and digital experts


  • The maritime culture
  • The environment
  • Innovation

Would you like to know us better?

Our awards


Prix - Seal of excellence
The distinguished platform "Seal of excellence", European Commission Horizon 2020 / EASME / SME Instrument 2018


Prix - Lauréat du programme d'investissements d'avenir ADEME/Initiative PME
SINAY winner of the ADEME / PME Initiative and the European Commission Horizon 2020 / EASME / SME Instrument 2016 with Normandy Region for proof of concept of its big data platform


Prix - Talents Développement
Talent Development Award


Prix - TRophée de l'espoire de l'économie
Trophy of the hope of the economy


Prix - formation HEC Challenge +
Selected to follow HEC Challenge+ training


Prix - Concours national Talent
Talent National Competition


Prix - Normandie Incubation
Integration of Normandy Incubation for our technological innovation


Challenge +
Contest for the creation of innovative technologies


Prix - Région Basse-Normandie
Sustainable Development Award for the Basse-Normandie region


Prix Défi jeune
Young Challenge Award