Fabien Pointin completes his thesis within SINAY

21 novembre 2018

Entitled "Spatial study of data collected aboard fishing vessels: how is it relevant for the management of discards from fishing?", Fabien POINTIN defended his CIFRE thesis on Friday, November 4th. In partnership with IFREMER (MJ Rochet and F. Daurès) and SINAY (Y. Souami), Fabien started working on this subject as early as July 2015. He has greatly contributed to the advancement of the fishing application of our Big Data platform, and SINAY intends to continue the R & D work he has initiated.

Here is a brief summary of his thesis:

Since 2002, member countries of the European Union (EU) collect, manage and provide data necessary for the management of fisheries and discards in particular. In this context, sea-based observer programs collect data on board fishing vessels on the composition and quantity of catches, including discards. Based on these data, this thesis analyzes the spatio-temporal variability of landings and discards in order to contribute to their management. A mapping method based on variable mesh grids has therefore been developed. This method was designed to produce multi-year, annual and quarterly maps of landings and discards by species or species group by fishing craft. A Big Data platform was then used to solve the problems related to the large-scale application of this method (for example, at the level of several trades). Thanks to an online storage system and a high-performance analysis system, a large number of maps could be produced by types of fishing by grouping or not the years, quarters and species.