SINAY arrives in Nice !

09 octobre 2018

In addition to its headquarters in Caen and after the opening of agencies in Brest and Lorient, SINAY opens an office in Nice closer to its customers and Mediterranean partners. This agency located at the Sophia Antipolis Business Center is under the responsibility of Alessio MAGLIO, underwater environmental and acoustic affairs manager, as well as an expert for the ACCOBAMS and ASCOBANS organizations.

Alessio MAGLIO - Chargé d'affaires environnement SINAY

At the heart of the digital dynamics of Sophia Antipolis, SINAY will benefit from an ecosystem of companies and research centers of the highest order. SINAY will bring its maritime and oceanographic expertise for future collaborations.

 In addition to activities related to the study of marine mammals and interactions with human activities, SINAY will develop digital tools dedicated to the problems of maritime industries in the Mediterranean. 

With the opening of its premises in Nice, SINAY is now present on all French metropolitan coasts, in order to better meet the needs of its customers and partners.

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