Maritime data solution

SINAY is an expert in maritime analytics with experience in both big data and maritime domains. We develop a platform to provide easily maritime surveys and Dashboards. We also collect specific data plug it on your personal space.

SINAY proposes IT resources for dealing with growing volumes of data and complex analytics. The solution applies to all major maritime segments : ports and offshore activities, fisheries, marine renewables, Oil & Gas, shipping, marine protected areas.
SINAY Big Data Platform is made from an integrated array of technologies. We combine Big Data knowledge and technologies in maritime sector activities with a fully integrated Innovative solution.

Big Data and HPC platform : In terms of technical architecture, SINAY solution consists of a comprehensive cloud Big Data platform which is used to develop Customer solutions.

La plate-forme Big Data de SINAY

The Platform integrates a comprehensive turnkey solution made of the following elements:

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All of the coastal and maritime activities rely heavily on data and information about the sea for their planning and operations. More specifically, in order to properly and efficiently execute these activities, we have consolidated those required enablers:

Big Data Platform
Data Base
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Assessing and managing maritime projects

Our solution extracts the necessary knowledge and information from the oceans and seas to ensure a sustainable and performing Blue Economy.
It is indeed able to provide such solutions as:

Big Data expertise
Big Data expertise
Define your big data project
Maritime expertise
Maritime expertise
Find solutions for your project
Collect at sea
Collect at sea
Specific Data
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Sinay Maritime Data Solution

Solution for maritime companies
and governmental agencies


Our Big Data technology is addressing the following maritime activities :

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Big Data infrastructure

Big Data infrastructure for the structuration, transformation, merger and storage of a large amount of data; and High-Performance Computing cluster (HPC): to drastically reduce the processing time of complex analytics and enable fast production of requested information.

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Big data infrastructure

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